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    I like this page because help me in my studies also for learning

    By Asia on Aug 03, 2020

    This app is super amazing. Thank you for making me study well

    By Abdallah Rashid on Jul 28, 2020

    This app Is awesome it has helped me alot

    By Vivan on Jul 14, 2020

    Alhamdulilah for everything Im blessed to be here because i get more comfortable materials that help me in my study Thanks a lot

    By Salum kare on Jul 14, 2020

    I like this app because it help many students

    By Salma amani on Jul 14, 2020

    I love this platform because its making me to be very busy on studying

    By Marcus on Jul 10, 2020

    I like this app it's nice really enjoyed it hope you make more apps

    By Melvin kivugo on Jul 10, 2020

    Hi ipo vizuri sana kiukwel inatusaidia sana

    By Hussein a ntarugera on Jul 10, 2020

    I am happy to join Shule direct for the first time. At least I will utilise my time.

    By Joy Omusashi Keya on Jul 10, 2020

    I like this page because I get anything when I want to study anything

    By Ramadhan mussa stiven on Jul 10, 2020


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