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    1 Question in Geography Form 2 Sustainable Use Of Power And Energy Resources

    Mention ways that Tanzania can use to reduce or avoid the use of fuel wood.


    i. Encourage the use of other (alternative) source of energy like solar energy HEP, Or Biogas. 

    ii. Educating the local people on the economical use of energy resources.

    iii. People should be encouraged to plant many trees as possible in order to solve the problem of fuel wood crisis.

    iv.Formulating policies that’s restrict excessive fire wood extraction

    v.Encourage the control of population since thus also create more demand for energy

    vi.Strict laws should be formulated.

    2 Question in Geography Form 2 Sustainable Use Of Power And Energy Resources

    Outline factors hindering full exploitation of Hydroelectric power (HEP) in Tanzania


    i. Fluctuation of river volume

    ii. Inadequate capital for exploration

    iii. Human activities

    iv.  Conflicts and sabotage

    v.  High initial investment costs

    vi. Water borne diseases

    3 Question in Geography Form 2 Sustainable Use Of Power And Energy Resources

     Explain how challenges facing power and energy production in Tanzania can be addressed.


    i. Desilting of dams

    ii.  Alternatives energy sources

    iii. Environment conservation project

    iv.  Community awareness creation

    v. Research on power and energy

    4 Question in Geography Form 2 Sustainable Use Of Power And Energy Resources

     Mention challenges facing power and energy harnessing in Tanzania



    ii. Inadequate capital

    iii.Transport and communication networks

    iv. Poor technology and lack of skilled personel

    v.Environmental pollution

    vi. Dam siltation

    vii.Disposal of nuclear waste

    viii.Price fluctuation

    ix. Forest degradation and loss

    5 Question in Geography Form 2 Sustainable Use Of Power And Energy Resources

    Outline the importance of power and energy


    i.Running machine

    ii.Raw materials some sources of energy  are raw materials for some industries

    iii.Transport enhancement

    iv. Economic development

    v. Tourist attraction

    vi.Fishing and irrigation


    6 Question in Geography Form 2 Sustainable Use Of Power And Energy Resources

    Give the difference of the following concepts:

    (a)Power and energy

    (b) Renewable resources and Non-renewable resources


    (a) Power refers as the ability to do something while Energy is defined as the capacity for, or equivalent of doing work

    (b) Renewable resources are resources which can be replaced after use or do not get exhausted or finished  for example sun, hydroelectric power, geothermal power etc while Non renewable resources are the resources which once used up, they cannot be replaced or are those that can be get finished (exhausted resources) for example petroleum, coal fuel wood

    7 Question in Geography Form 2 Manufacuring Industry

    Describe the problems facing (car) vehicle production in Japan.


    i. Stiff competition from other country. Example South Korea, USA, France, Germany, South Africa and Britain

    ii. Poverty in the developing country limit the market for Japanese vehicles

    iii. Frequent earth quake since Japan lies within the weak zones of the earth crust.

    iv. High cost of steel for motor bodies.

    v. Increase in the cost of spare parts which in turn has caused an increase in the maintenance of vehicles.

    8 Question in Geography Form 2 Manufacuring Industry

    What lesson can Tanzania learn from Japan and south Korea


    i.  There should be government policy to support industrial development as in the cases of Japan and south Korea.

    ii.  Insisting on training people so as to have large skilled labour instead of depending on foreign expertise.

    iii.  Insisting on producing high quality goods which can compete with other products from industrialized country.

    iv. To improve transport and communication.

    v. To improve agricultural sectors.

    vi. Tanzania should exploit various of energy source

    9 Question in Geography Form 2 Manufacuring Industry

    Explain the factors which contributed to the development of vehicles (car) production in Japan.


    i. Presence of raw material in the country which include iron ore.

    ii.  Improvement in modern technology. This has made the country to produce vehicles of high quality for foreign market.

    iii. Good government policy.

    iv.  Availability of skilled labour force also stimulate the fast development of vehicle production.

    v.  Reliable supply of power resources. Especially HEP and Nuclear power for running the industries.

    vi.  Availability of market world wide.

    vii. Strong determination of a country to become successful in industry and trade activities in the world.

    viii.  Good government support.

    ix.  Advanced science and technology development in Japan.

    x. Well development in transport and communication infrastructure.

    xi.  Strategic position of Japan in relation to other continents encourage trade.

    10 Question in Geography Form 2 Manufacuring Industry

    Discuss the factors for the development of electronic productions in South Korea.


    i. Availability of skilled labour.

    ii.  Presence of market.

    iii. Enough and efficient transport and communication (infrastructure)

    iv. The use of advanced science and technology.

    v.  Availability of capital due to the development of other sector like agriculture.

    vi. Strong government support.

    vii. Good international relationship.

    viii. High quality and affordable products making them popular around the world.

    ix. Availability of affordable energy.


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